Awareness Camps/Workshops
SDPA organises awareness camps on contemporary and relevant subjects at regular intervals for cross sections of people. While in urban areas it targets young generation, in the rural setting its activities are concentrated on women and aged. The subjects covered are, ‘Emerging Career Opportunities’, Education and Employability Skills’, ‘Participation of Women in Decision Making’, Women’s Role in Social Change’, ‘Inter-Generational Dialogue and Harmony’ and others.


Campaign and Networking:
SDPA is associated with various networking and campaign for the common cause like Clean Ganga Movement, Women’s Safety, Tree Plantation, Police Reform and Road Safety Awareness. The volunteers of SDPA have taken active part in Nirbhaya Campaign. The organisation has been partnering with Indian Juridical Society, Gandhi Peace Foundation, Indian Social Institution, Sharda University, Lingayas University and others.


Legal Trainings / Workshops:
SDPA has been organising training workshops on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’, ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Human Rights’ at regular intervals. The professionals and scholars from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines and institutional engagements are benefitted by these workshops. The resource persons are drawn from multi-disciplinary background comprising academics, legal practitioners, copy rights experts and activists. SDPA recently held two training workshops for the scholars and teaching fraternity of higher studies in collaboration with Lingayas University, Faridabad, Haryana and Bio-Technology Departments of Sharda University, Greater Noida, UP.


Research and Studies:
SDPA volunteers commission small survey and action research to understand the ground challenges of the development issues. SDPA has conducted studies on, ‘Impact of Growing Traffic in Malviya Nagar Area’, ‘Water Problems in Dwarka and Remedial Measures’. SDPA is currently making a survey on residents’ perceptions about ‘Women’s Safety’ issues in Gulmohar Park localities of New Delhi.


Women’s Empowerment:
In collaboration with the National Commission of Women, SDPA organised two Women Awareness Camps on Dowry Laws, Women’s Property Rights, Laws against Killing of Girl Foetus and Significance of Schooling and Education of Girl Children, respectively in Gurgaon, Haryana and Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.


Career Counselling and Supporting the Needy:
SDPA provides individual counselling and group counselling to drop-out children and underachievers of the low income group people. The volunteers of SDPA visit different localities and meet the families and children in need of counselling. They motivate parents and children to continue education and acquire employability skills so as to ensure gainful livelihood.


Future Programmes:
SDPA will take its Intellectual Property Rights training workshops to other neighbouring states in near future. In view of fast changing climate and its adversaries on agriculture and air quality in city life, SDPA has resolved to intensify its climate change campaign in collaboration with government agencies and various like-minded institutions/organisations.